Frequently Asked Questions for MLP Couples

What is the process for finding out more information and for booking Mackenzie Lane Photography for our wedding? 

After the initial ‘Hi, we’re interested in having you document our wedding’ email exchange or phone call, we will set up a consult meeting for us to get to know each other, for me to go over the details of what Mackenzie Lane Photography offers, for you to see examples of our printed work and some of the products that we offer, and to answer any questions that you may have. If you are ready at that time to book your wedding date – that’s great! If you need a few more days to decide, that’s perfectly fine too. To secure your wedding date, I need a signed copy of the contract form along with the first payment as the retainer fee. The first payment will be a third of the entire cost of your wedding package.

What are the prices of your wedding packages?

Check out my Investment page for more information on the starting prices of my wedding packages.

How many hours of coverage do we get? How much does it cost for additional hours?

My wedding packages include either 6, 8, or unlimted hours (up to 13 hours). You can add additional hours to any of the packages for $200 per hour.

Can you tell me more about your engagement sessions?

I offer a few different kinds of engagement/save the date sessions that vary by duration and how many locations and outfit changes are included. Although not all of my packages include an engagement/save the date session, I highly recommend them, as they are an excellent way for us all to get to know one another better and for you to experience my shooting style first hand!

Do you charge for travel?

I charge a travel rate of $1.00 per mile for any location beyond 40 miles from Tabernacle, New Jersey, plus tolls.

Will there be a second photographer?

You have the option to add a second shooter to your wedding package.  We will discuss this and decide whether or not a second photographer would be necessary for all or part of your wedding day.

What if there is some disaster beyond your control that makes you unable to shoot our wedding after we have booked you?

Let me first say, it would take something MAJOR for me not to be there. This is my job and I take it very seriously. However, if for some crazy reason I am not able to shoot your wedding, I will find a competent professional to take my place. I am part of a network of hundreds of local photographers and would be able to find a replacement last minute, should the need arise. And of course, I will notify you immediately! (That goes without saying, but I am the worrying type so I include it just in case any of you are too!)

How would you describe your photography style?

I have a lifestyle, photojournalistic style of photography, particularly for weddings. Of course, I get plenty of posed formal shots and give you direction when necessary, but I strive to document the day as it occurs, capturing the raw emotion. That is what I love most about weddings! I live for capturing the immense joy, excitement, and overwhelming feeling of love that you and those close to you experience on your big day!

How would you describe your editing style?

My editing style is very clean and crisp. I love both color and black and white, so you will get a combination of both, depending on what best fits each image. For most images that you receive a black and white version of, you will also receive the color version.

What kind of weddings do you do? 

Mackenzie Lane Photography does ALL types of weddings! Whether you are Mr. and Mrs., Mrs. and Mrs., or Mr. and Mr., we want to capture the love between you two and the excitement of your wedding day! Love is love, and all love is beautiful. 

How much time do you recommend we leave for pictures?

Wedding timelines vary greatly from wedding to wedding based off of locations, travel time, number of groupings for family formals, etc. Because of this, I will send out a questionnaire before your wedding, and we will make a timeline and shot list based upon this to make sure that we get all of the photos that are most important to you. Below are ideal time frames for photos for each part of the day:

Prep: I like to have about 20-30 minutes to fully document all of your details on your wedding day – the dress, shoes, accessories, etc – anything that is important to you two. I would then recommend leaving about 30-45 minutes to get dressed and to fix any final details, and anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half total for prep coverage. I would suggest leaving about 20-30 minutes after getting ready for individual portraits of each of the newlyweds by themselves and for photos of them with their attendants.

Family Formals: For the Formal Family Portraits, I would suggest leaving about 3 minutes per group of people. So, if you have 10 groups for family formals, I would recommend leaving 30 minutes for these photos. We will create a shot list before the wedding day that I will have with me to make sure that we get all of the photos that you would like. We will make sure to organize the groups in a way to expedite the family formals and can typically get them done faster, but it is still recommended to schedule the family formals to leave three minutes per group and to also make sure that everyone who needs to be present for them is made aware of the details before the wedding day. 

Wedding Party Portraits: For the Wedding Party Portraits, I recommend leaving 20-40 minutes for these in your schedule. During this time we will get both formal and fun (time permitting) group portraits and portraits of both of the newlyweds individually with each member of their crew. 

Couple Portraits: For the portraits of just the newlyweds together, I recommend scheduling about 45 minutes to an hour, with or without a First Look. Let’s definitely talk more about the pros and cons of doing a First Look and whether you think it’s best for the two of you on your wedding day! It can allow us to get through almost all of the photos that you want before the ceremony so that you can go enjoy cocktail hour with your guests, and also can leave us a lot more time for these photos, meaning that you will get a lot more variety and we get the chance to be a bit more creative with them all!

I also love to plan for about 10 minutes of night portraits of the two of you after the main events of the reception, either at sunset if it works out, or using the lights and beautiful locations around your venue. I promise to not have you away from your party for long, but those few minutes give us a fun variety in your photos!

What equipment do you use?

I shoot primarily with two Canon 5D Mark iii camera bodies, along with a Canon 6D as a backup. The lenses that I use are: Canon 16-35mm f/2.8Lii, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM ii, Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS ii, Canon 24mm f/1.4L, Canon 35mm f/1.4L, Canon 50mm f/1.2L, Canon 85mm f/1.2L, Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro, and Canon 135mm f/2.0L. In addition to the camera equipment, I use five Canon 600 EX-RT speedlites along with light modifiers. I typically bring along my Yashica D old-school TLR camera, because I am a film girl at heart and like to use it whenever possible.

What attire do you and your second shooters wear to our wedding? 

My second shooters and I wear neutral, darker colors – I typically wear all black or grey – and professional attire. However, if you would prefer that we wear something more or less formal, we can be flexible!

How many images will we receive?

Generally, you will receive between 50-100 images per hour of shooting. For a full day of coverage, you will receive around 1,000 edited images. You will only be receiving the edited images, edited in my style, with your DVD or USB.

Do we receive a copyright release?

No, I retain the copyright to all of my images. You do, however, receive the print release to your images in each one of my wedding packages, so you will be able to print your photos at your discretion.

How long will it take us to receive our images?

You will receive the online gallery of your edited images within three months of your wedding day, although my typical turn around time is within two months. From there, you (and whoever you choose to share your gallery with!) can order prints and other products straight from the online album. USBs, DVDs, albums, and other products ordered in your contract will be delivered after your online album. If you order a beautifully crafted printed album (included in some wedding packages), you can choose to either allow me to select the photos to be placed in your album (with suggestions from you about what parts of your wedding are most important to you) or you can select the images to go in your printed album after I send you your online album. You will receive your printed album more quickly with the former option. All album pages will be approved by you before they are sent to the lab to be printed and assembled.

How do you protect our files?

I am pretty paranoid about something happening to files, so I do my utmost best to prepare for the worst case scenario. The camera that I use writes the images to two memory cards simultaneously, so just in case one fails the images will be on the other memory card. Immediately when I get home (if not before), I transfer the images to my laptop, along with to two separate external hard drives. I also have all of my files automatically and constantly being backed up to cloud storage. I guarantee that I will save the files for at least a year, but in reality I save the edited images for the foreseeable future.

Intrigued? Have additional questions? Email me at or call me at 908*752*5359 to find out more and to schedule your consult meeting!