Bucks County Wedding – Brianne + Anthony 01.19.17

Bucks County Wedding – Brianne + Anthony 01.19.17

Congratulations to Brianne and Anthony on a beautiful wedding!! I have had the fortune of knowing these two since high school, and I could not be happier for them. Separately, they are both amazing people, and together, they are the perfect mix of romance, goofiness, and pure love for one another. Now, I graduated with Anthony, and for the second half of senior year we sat at the same lunch table because of our mutual friend Meagan. That kid can definitely be a bit wild (don’t even get me started on the time he had to live off of the cafeteria slushies for a week because he pierced his own tongue) – but Brianne brings out such a romantic, filled-to-the-brim-with-love side of him. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with the two of them over the years, and they truly do have this passion for each other that just exudes from the two of them – they have that kind of love that makes everyone around them happy just by being in the presence of it. They are both so sweet and thoughtful to each other, which makes for the perfect relationship. Brianne spent many of her childhood summers visiting her grandma in the Catskills. Awhile after her grandmother passed away, Anthony suggested that they go up there for a weekend to spend the time in the mountains and at her swimming hole – Brianne’s favorite place in the world. Once they hiked up there, it became her favorite place for a whole new reason – while they were relaxing together and taking in the view, Anthony asked her to be his wife!! She describes it as being hands down the best moment of her life, and I’m pretty positive that the moment she said yes would be Anthony’s.


We started off their wedding day with Brianne at Anthony’s mother’s house. Brianne is a bold, caring, vibrant, and beautiful girl, and she has the shoes to match! She borrowed a gorgeous drop necklace from her soon-to-be mother-in-law, who helped her put it on to complete her wedding day attire. Brianne, you are simply stunning! And from the look on Anthony’s face during the First Look at Ringing Rocks State Park, it was pretty darn clear that he 110% agreed. Anthony got ready with his brothers at his home with Brianne – I love the wall art in their living room, “You can never have too much happy” – it suits them so well!


We headed down to the waterfall at Ringing Rocks for their First Look, and their reactions are exactly why I loooove doing First Looks. They were able to share those first few moments together on their wedding day with just the two of them (well, and me perched on a rock out of the way), and they were able to just hold each other and let it sink in that they were about to get married. And those smiles, well those are the smiles of two best friends who couldn’t possibly be more ready to face the adventure that is their future together.


Brianne and Anthony did the rest of their portraits at Ringing Rocks, and let me just say, Brianne is seriously bada** (if you couldn’t already tell). Let me remind you, it was the middle of January, and she was all for scaling waterfalls to get these pictures. But they hadn’t picked just a random Thursday in the middle of winter to get married – this was their six year anniversary. How dang cute is that?! Just another reason why I love these two. After the portraits, we headed over to the courthouse to warm up and for Brianne and Anthony to get hitched!! Their family all joined us there to cheer them on and to celebrate with them – I don’t think the Bucks County courthouse has ever seen a crowd this happy and excited to be there! Brianne and Anthony’s ceremony was so sweet – and that smile juuuuust before their first kiss says it all. Congratulations again, you two – I’m so happy for you both and excited for your beautiful future together!


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