Treno Wedding – Gina + Lisa 01.07.17

Treno Wedding – Gina + Lisa 01.07.17

Congratulations to Gina and Lisa! Despite the crazy snowstorm, your wedding was absolute perfection. I love how you made this wedding yours in every way, and how every part of it was true to who you are and to what you care about. It was one of those weddings where you could tell that everyone was thoroughly enjoying themselves, you both looked stunning, and yours was one of the most moving ceremonies that I have ever witnessed. It truly touched my heart to watch these two say their wedding vows, knowing that they had grown up thinking that it was something they would never get to do. This was a thought that hadn’t even occurred to me until Gina causally mentioned it while we were talking during their consult meeting, and it really highlighted the significance of this moment for them both. Now, watching all couples say their wedding vows can bring a tear to the eye, but watching Gina and Lisa say their vows – and the immense amount of love for one another that just radiates from the two of them – was such a beautiful reminder of the equality of love.

We started off at the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza, where Gina and Lisa got ready for the big day with their closest friends and family. Lisa had given Gina these gorgeous earrings as a wedding gift – Gina’s smile while reading Lisa’s letter to her could just melt your heart. We did their first look downstairs in a nook away from the lobby, and then took a few portraits of the two of them before heading to the venue. Their portraits are a perfect combination of sweet and silly and romantic – I don’t think these two could pretend that they weren’t absolutely perfect for each other even if they tried. And then we got to Treno Pizza Bar, which turned it’s back room into a warm, bright, and bustling space that is great for a small wedding celebration. Rich and Kat from Rich Genoval Entertainment rocked it out and all of Gina and Lisa’s family and friends were nothing but laughs and smiles the whole evening! Lisa’s brother was the officiant at their ceremony – he told me that when they got engaged a few years ago, right away he went out and became ordained so he would be able to marry them. Their expressions of pure euphoria after their first kiss so wonderfully illustrates a moment that was 13 years in the making for them. All three of the toasts had the whole room both in tears and roaring with laughter. After cutting the cake, Gina had an epic surprise for Lisa – she took the stage with Rich Genoval Entertainment to serenade her new bride with her impressive rapping and singing skills! It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Congratulations again to Gina and Lisa – here’s to 13 happy years together and the start of many more together as wives!


Venue: Treno Pizza Bar

Entertainment: Rich Genoval Entertainment

Cake: Adelaide’s Cakes

Florist: Sansone Florist

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