Horseshoe Bend Park Engagement Session – Courtney + Erik

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I graduated with Courtney and Erik in the Del Val Class of 2008. You know how in the movies there is always that clearly perfect couple in high school, the “it” couple who everyone was certain would be together forever? Well Courtney and Erik were definitely one of those couples for us. They’ve been dating since our Junior year, but were friends long before that since they went to grade school together. They have told me that to them, they are always best friends first, and a couple second. I think that’s why they were always so clearly one of those couples in it for the long haul – it has always been so apparent that their love extends to a much deeper level than most high school sweethearts.

(Thanks Courtney’s Facebook for the throwback photos :) )

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I reconnected with these two when we were both pregnant and realized that our babies were due exactly a month apart. I was so excited for this engagement session, not only to see them again but to meet their handsome little man! He was seriously the most adorable, mellow, amiable baby ever – and he’s definitely going to be cruising down the aisle soon for his mommy and daddy’s wedding! I was talking to Courtney about being a mom, and she told me that their little guy is like an extension of the two of them – they didn’t think to include him in their family formals shot list because they just assumed he would be there with them. So of course we had to include him in part of their engagement session!


One of the adorable stories that they told me leading up to their engagement sessions just melted my heart, so of course we had to do part of the engagement session at this location. They grew up five houses apart, and growing up would meet each other at the road that is halfway between their houses to go for walks. And now, they go for walks on this road with their pup and their little man. Seriously, how touching is that?!

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Next we headed over to Horseshoe Bend Park just outside of Frenchtown, New Jersey, where Courtney and Erik bring their pup to go to the dog park and where they will be getting married. I was pleasantly surprised when they showed me the huge field behind the barn that is part of the park, so we did most of the session there. The sunset was STUNNING that evening, so we ventured into the dog park area where there is the best view,  I got out my off camera flash, and we finished off the session with some gorgeous sunset pictures. I can’t wait to be their wedding photographer!!


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3 thoughts on “Horseshoe Bend Park Engagement Session – Courtney + Erik

  1. Mackenzie,
    Erik & Courtney’s engagement pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You did an excellent job of capturing their love for each other as well as their love for Lucas! You were so wonderful before and during the wedding. I can’t thank you enough and am so excited to view those pictures.
    Thanks again.
    Kerrie Rolon (Erik’s Mom)

    1. Thank you so much Kerrie! It was so great working with you all and getting to meet little Lucas – you have two great kids there :) The wedding blog will be up soon!

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