Princess Portraits at Weymouth Furnace (when photographers get together!)

I am incredibly fortunate to have found a wonderfully supportive group of fellow photographers in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area called Speakeasy – South Jersey.  Think of almost any acclaimed photographer in the area, and chances are good that they are in this group.  There is sooo much talent that it can almost be intimidating, but the photog members who I have met so far are some of the most encouraging, friendly people that I have met here so far!  As creatives, we like to bounce ideas off of one another, and this sometimes materializes in what we call a “shootout”, where several of us get together and take pictures of the same subject(s).  This was my first shootout, hosted by the amazing Dierdre of Shooting Star Photography, who found the models and provided the gorgeous princess dresses.  From there, we all scattered and photographed these adorable little ladies – and they all rocked it!  One of the radiant momma’s was expecting a new addition, so of course we had to get some photos of her, as well.  The location, Weymouth Furnace in May’s Landing, is just one of the many examples of amazing, borderline creepy abandoned towns in the Pine Barrens.  I was loving the atmosphere, and decided to go with a slightly more matte and darker-than-usual editing style to some of the photographs that I captured there.  I must say, I LOVE how they turned out!

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