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I first met Lauren through a local mom’s running group. My little mini me was only a handful of weeks old, but I was so excited to get out and run for the first time in 10 months, and was hoping to meet some other local mommas who I could run with. I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t make any of the scheduled runs because Scarlett wasn’t old enough for the jogging stroller yet, and they were all early on weekday mornings after Martyn had already left for work. But I reached out to Lauren anyways, and she created a scheduled run just for me! Being only six weeks postpartum and waaaay too long out of my Asics, I was pretty nervous to get back into running, especially with someone who 1) was clearly in incredible shape, and 2) I had never met before. It’s definitely scary that first time working out post-baby, because even though your body recently more than proved its own strength, you still aren’t 100% sure that it won’t fall apart after all of those months of waddling.

Running with Lauren was like running with an old friend. She was completely fine with going at my pace, but she helped to motivate me to push myself just that little bit extra. My pace clearly wasn’t what it had been a year before when I was getting into marathon shape, but she stuck by me and helped me reach my number one goal for that first run – to not have to walk! Not only is she passionate about running and fitness, but she also has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition that she shares and puts to use every day in her own home. We talked all about our businesses, and the more that I learned about her the more I was pretty convinced that she was Super Woman. She is a pediatric nurse, a mother of two adorable little girls, an entrepreneur through her business Holistic Fit Fam, and recently she became a published author of her book Time Management Tips for Runners! Not only is she all of these things, but she is also a wonderfully friendly, supportive woman who lives for uplifting others. So do yourself a favor and check out her business Facebook page and website if you haven’t already!

We did a quick session last week to update some of her head shots. Her older daughter joined us and even hopped in front of the camera for a few shots with her momma. That little girl is fast – she was running circles around both of us!


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