2015: A Year in Review

I was just looking at a picture of my now six month old when she was a teeny tiny five and a half pound little thing, and it got me in a reflective mood. So, here I am, a month late, writing my token 2015 in a nutshell blog. 2015 was such an incredible year, filled with so many new people and places and with blessings beyond measure.

This was definitely a year to beat in my personal life.  We bought our very first house and were introduced to the boundless, unequaled love that comes from having a child.  People always tell you that there is nothing like having a baby, and of course I always just assumed that I already knew what it was like to love to my fullest capacity.  But then I gave birth to our daughter, and suddenly it was like I was being reintroduced to myself because she had shown me a new intensity of love and joy that I hadn’t previously comprehended.  It is really, truly incredible.  And I’m sure every parent reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about.  So that obviously was the highlight of my year, and I’m just going to spam you with pictures of her cuteness (and a few maternity pictures that my husband graciously agreed to let me take using the trusty tripod!) before I get to the next super exciting highlight of 2015!

photocrati gallery


2015 was also a wonderful year because I started my business back up in New Jersey! I had the amazing opportunity to both reunite with some old friends and to make new ones along the way as I began to meet new clients and fellow photographers in South Jersey.  There are few things that I enjoy more than getting to know families and couples while capturing the love that they share.  I love capturing their beauty, their joy – who they are at this moment in time.  The loving hug a child gives his mother before doing something mischievous, the sincere smile a father and daughter share while I ‘adjust my settings’, the sweet kiss a fiance gives his future wife that makes her smile with such elation that you can picture them doing the exact same thing when they’re 90 sitting on their front porch looking at their kids and grandchildren playing in the front yard, and she’ll be smiling the exact same smile.  That’s the kind of thing that gives me reason for doing this and makes me love what I do even more. Below are a few of my favorites from the sessions that I did in 2015. Thank you all so much for your support in 2015 – I cannot wait to see what 2016 has in store for us!!

photocrati gallery



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