Meg and Ty 2015

These two are my favorite couple in the world (with the exception of myself and my husband, naturally). This girl right here has been one of my best friends since we were in first grade. We have been through a lot together – playground weddings, pushing each other to finish the middle school quarter mile run, high school cheerleading tryouts (I’m pretty sure that we both cried when we somehow made the team), lots of bruises, a bit of blood, and way more tears than we would want to admit (mostly from me, no lie) working our way up to Varsity, managing to both get impetigo from the wrestling mats that we used to sit on while waiting for late practices, getting each other through our boy dramas, very late night Clinton Station Diner dates once we got our driver’s licenses, booze tubes down the Delaware, finally finding (or re-finding, in my case) the men of our dreams – together, we’ve been through it all. She has wiped my tears, cheered me up, and satisfied my intense pregnancy craving for a milkshake in the middle of winter. She is one of the sweetest, most caring, and most generous people that I know. As a CNA, she lives to help people – both at work and all of her friends and family. I have not met many souls quite so beautiful as that of my friend Meagan. And then I met her boyfriend, Tyler. He compliments her in so many ways, and shares all of those wonderful characteristics that I’ve always loved so much in Meagan. He even happily let me regularly crash their breakfast dates while my husband was deployed – now that’s a great best friend’s boyfriend. They radiate happiness when they are together, and that makes me so, so happy. I’ve always said that Meagan deserves to finally find someone who is just as special as she is, and three and a half years ago she finally did.

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