It’s Official – We’re Back in Business!

Well, it’s official – Mackenzie Lane Photography is back in business!

After ten months of taking a break from business to graduate grad school, move, buy a house, move again, and have a ridiculously adorable baby, I have finally completed the process of transferring my business to New Jersey.

This is not going to be the same business, however, that it has been over the past two years. I will be the first to admit that on several levels, I failed at running a business, or at least was not as successful as I could have been. I had all of the best intentions, but I didn’t execute them very well. And I’ll be honest, by the time we moved from Watertown, I was ready to quit. I had become overwhelmed by my shortcomings in running a business and I just didn’t want to beat myself up over it anymore. But then I took a step back and realized a few things.

  1. I’m not a quitter. Haven’t ever been and I wasn’t going to start now. I need to prove to myself that I can do this and that I can make it something great. Because I can. So there’s that.
  2. I had never imagined myself wanting to be a stay home mom. I have always been very career driven, and unfortunately in the US those things aren’t very compatible. But then I gave birth to this incredible little girl and I found just how truly happy she makes me – even at 4am when she’s wide awake and in a seemingly constant cycle of pooping in new diapers and spitting up all over, well, everything. I had never thought that I would feel so fulfilled from just being a mom. But one of the wonderful things about this is that I can do both. I can be a work at home mom and still have a successful career, which is one of the beauties of running your own business.
  3. Business is one of the only departments in undergrad that I did not take courses in (with two majors and two minors, trust me, I took a bit of everything), because it was also something that I never, ever foresaw myself being involved in. It scared me and I just didn’t think that I was the kind of person who would be all that great at business. I minored in Art (all photography classes, of course), but I was too afraid to pursue a career in it because I worried that my creative process couldn’t just be turned on at whim. But you know what I realized in regards to these two fears? I had already overcome them. I had already run a photography business for a year and a half and even though I had made mistakes, I knew what I did wrong and I knew exactly how I can correct them. There was no point in stressing over these two things, because I’ve already made them into non-issues by tackling them in the first place.
  4. Most importantly, I LOVE doing this. I love challenging myself to improve my photography skills, I love composing pictures, I love editing them, I love meeting new people and I love getting to know them through taking their portraits. I love hearing their stories and finding what is unique and special about them and their relationships with their family and friends who they are being photographed with. I love portraying that on film and creating images that will forever remind them of who they were at that moment and why they loved each other. I love both directing an image and capturing the pure moment as it is, trapping the unadulterated emotion of a wedding, a homecoming, a birth, or just a walk in the park. I love creating beautiful works of art. I may not be combating climate change with it, but I don’t see any limits on what I can do with a camera and where it can bring me. This makes me happy.

For all of these reasons, I’m back. And I’m ready to make this something truly incredible.


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