Virginia is for Lovers (and maternity sessions!)

This is another throwback blog – I just wanted to share these beautiful pictures! We took these the morning of my good friend’s baby shower – when she was 38 weeks pregnant! I was 32 weeks pregnant at that point, so I wasn’t my usual agile, tree-climbing self, but we made do. We have been good friends since our husbands’ last deployment, when we had plenty of doggie play dates with our pups and had little family dinners once or twice a month. We had talked about our hopes for expanding our families, but neither of us really had a timeline for it. I picked her up at the airport one day last fall after she was visiting family in Peru and we both told each other that we had exciting news. Turns out we had both recently found out that we were pregnant! It was so wonderful to go through our first pregnancies together – she was a few weeks ahead of me so filled me in on all of the things that I should expect. What beautiful experiences for both of our families, and it was so incredible to go through that together.

I just love the bright colors and high contrast that this Civil War era park gave us for these images. Can I just say that my friend looks absolutely stunning for being 38 weeks pregnant?! She certainly wore pregnancy well. Just look at the blog post before this one to see their adorable little man a month later.

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